Favorite Soda On Low Carb Diet?

This post might be slightly controversial, just due to the fact that when starting a low carb diet, you’re supposed to cut out soda all together (even diet). It’s obvious why you would cut out regular soda, because it’s mostly made of sugar, but diet? Why cut out diet soda?!?

My first time on a low carb diet several years ago, I was fully committed but I absolutely would not cut out Diet Pepsi. I just wasn’t going to do it. You see, a lot of so called “experts” say that the aspartame and caffeine can actually cause you to not lose weight and may stall you, but, in my many pounds lost on Atkins, I continually drink 5-6 diet sodas per day without any adverse diet side effects. No problem.

Maybe I’m lucky, as I’ve heard that artificial sweeteners and caffeine actually do affect some low carb dieters…but I think it mainly affects those that only have a little weight to lose. I could be totally wrong on that, but for those of us that need to lose 50+ pounds, the radical change in the food we eat will be enough to kick start the weight loss process.

Anyway, before I get too sidetracked, I wrote this post to get an idea of what everyone’s favorite diet soda is while on a low carb diet.

diet-cream-sodaHere is a list of mine, in no real order:

1. Diet Pepsi (I’m a Diet Pepsi FREAK whether I’m on or off the low carb diet).

2. Diet A&W Cream Soda (This stuff is, hands down, phenomenal).

3. Diet Dr. Pepper (Delicious, and I would drink it anytime).

4. Diet A&W Root Beer (I just recently discovered this. No caffeine, but good to conquer a sweet tooth craving).

The 4 above are really the choice sodas I drink, and to be honest, I drink them whether I’m dieting or not. But for those of you who are new to the diet soda concept, whenever you have a craving for dessert, try drinking a can of cold Diet Cream Soda – it’s right on target! It’s very rich and decadent for being diet, and the taste is nearly 100% of a regular one.

What are your favorites? Are there any I’m missing that I should be trying? Fill me in down in the comments below!