Low Carb Bbq – Who Says Low Carb Diets Are Boring?

A low carb bbq recipe is just what you need so you can enjoy one of the all-time favorite meals without compromising your low carb diet. Many people are not successful with the low carb diet because they are unable to stick with it. Most of them get bored and feel restricted by the diet. Resourcefulness is the trick to succeeding in this kind of diet, and if you are armed with excellent low carb recipes especially of classics like the barbecue, you’ll definitely love your low carb meals.


The bbq is one of the best meat recipes for low carb dieters. This is because meat that is barbecued or cooked over a grill is always the healthier way of preparing meat. The process reduces the fat content of meat and the meat also becomes completely free from carbohydrates. The only way that bbq becomes loaded with carbohydrates is when a high carb bbq sauce is added to it. That’s why it’s the bbq sauce recipes that have to deviate quite radically from the regular bbq sauce. They have significantly less sugar than ordinary bbq recipes.


Most bbq recipes and even the commercial bbq sauces you can buy readymade from the market all have high sugar content. In fact, some recipes have up to 30 to 44 grams of sugar in a quarter cup. No wonder people on low carb diets feel like they can’t enjoy some of the best bbq meals. So instead of wasting your time looking for low carb bbq sauces, you should instead look for low carb bbq recipes so you can make your own delicious bbq without breaking your low carb diet.


Here’s a sample low carb bbq sauce list of ingredients, so you have an idea of how low carb ingredients can be used to create a sumptous tasty meal.

a.1 minced onion
b.1 small tomato sauce can (using a tomato-based product as base ingredient can add a strong flavor to the bbq sauce even without sugar; just make sure to get sugar-free tomato products)
c.2 cups of water
d.½ cup of apple cider vinegar (make sure it’s sugar-free)
e.¼ cup of Worcestershire sauce (you may also use soy sauce)
g.1 clove garlic (you may also use garlic powder)
h.chili powder to taste
i.salt and pepper to taste (you may also add hot sauce if you want it to be more spicy)

Most of the spices are usually low in carbs, so you don’t have to worry much about the taste of your bbq sauce. The trick is to identify the ingredients that have high levels of carbohydrates and apply the secret of substitution, which means finding another ingredient that is low in carbs and can have the same effect as the removed ingredient. For example, some bbq sauce recipes require molasses. This is a high sugar ingredient. You can use sugar-free pancake syrup in its place.

The process of making a low carb sauce for your bbq is also easy. You just need to mix all the ingredients in a saucepan and let it boil. After boiling, reduce the heat to a simmer and let it stay for 15 minutes. After that, you’re ready to use the sauce. Its taste makes it great for steaks, beef, pork, chicken, hamburgers, and even seafood.


The low carb diet is undoubtedly a challenging diet plan because a lot of foods have plenty of carbohydrates. Many people believe that they have to completely avoid all the nice foods because of their carbohydrate content. That’s not the most successful way of maintaining a low carb diet. If you feel restricted, you will easily get bored with the foods you eat and will forgive yourself easily for the occasional but quite disastrous high carb meal.

What a lot of low carb dieters don’t realize is that some foods that are ordinarily rich in carbs can become low carb if they are cooked and prepared a certain way. So there’s no need to give up your classic favorites if there are ways to enjoy low carb steaks, burgers, and other bbq meat meals thanks to the low carb bbq sauces and low carb barbecue recipes that are widely available.