Low carb diets are all the rage simply for one reason – they work.

Sure, the low “carbosphere” has had to dodge an extreme amount of critiscism and flaming, but that’s only because the whole concept of eating low carbs (on diets like “Atkins”) is a totally different way of thinking when comparing to what the Federal Government puts out in public service announcements (you know, the food triangle crap). We grew up thinking we had to eat a certain way, and that it was the ONLY way to stay healthy.


The low carb lifestyle is such a fun and adventerous diet, as it allows you to eat stuff that you already love, and there are really no limits on amounts. Sure, for the first few days, you might eat 5 lbs of meat, but fortunately, eating the low carb way will absolutely suppress your appetite (usually within a week or so). With all the health benefits like blood sugar stability, lower cholesterol, and best of all, the shedding of excess weight, it’s hard to go wrong. Since living a low carb lifestyle, I’ve lost 42 lbs, and the weight keeps dropping every day.

Disclaimer – I’m not a doctor, nutritionist, dietician, or any similar profession. I’m only a regular guy who tried the low carb way on a recommendation from a friend. Before starting any diet, it’s always highly recommended to consult with your doctor or other qualified professional. Nothing in this blog is medical advice, it’s purely observations of my personal weight loss journey. Anything you read or learn from this blog should be done your own risk. Thanks!