Low Carb Foods

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There is more interest than ever before in Low Carb Foods, due mainly to the publicity surrounding the Atkins low carbs diet. Low carbs diets are not a craze or fad and as proved by numerous independent research studies the Atkins diet is effective in promoting weight loss and is healthy. In essence a low carbs diet requires you to significantly reduce... [More...]

What Can You Eat On The Atkins Diet

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Dieting foods for the Atkins Diet or low carb diet are readily available and effortless to find. Whether you prefer prepackaged low carbs Atkins food, or you want to make your own low carbs meals, the Atkins diet can be contoured to your budget and time limit. Regardless of you weight loss method with Atkins, there is a low carbs solution that works... [More...]

Low Carb Diet Plan Essentials

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Low Carb Diet Plan is one of the simplest weight loss plans to follow, but some common misunderstandings can occur to someone newly on Atkins diet or Low Carbs diet. These misconceptions can make a great discrepancy in the weight loss per week of the dieter following a low carb diet plan. This article is for those dieters following Atkins that have... [More...]

Low Carb Substitutes For Common Foods

Why do you need low carb substitutes for common food? Well, anytime you take on the task of committing to a lowcarbs diet, it hits you. Boom, you can’t eat cake. Boom, you can’t eat pasta. Boom, you can’t eat a box of Twinkies. All non low carb foods. For those that have done a low carbs diet in the past, it’s not as shocking... [More...]

Saving Money When Low Carb Dieting

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Although the Atkins program is beneficial to your health, it may not be beneficial to your pocketbook. The protein in the form of meat which is a staple of the Atkins diet is one of the most expensive things you can buy in your local grocery store. But don’t fret – there are adjustments that can be made to save some money on low-carb diets. The... [More...]

Rudiments Of A Low Carb Atkins Type Diet

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The Atkins diet is not a recent development. Since the first time it came along in the 1970’s till now, a phenomenal growth in its popularity has occurred basically die to the recent furor over low fat diets. As more and more people found it difficult to actualize their dreams with regards to losing weight, the solution preferred by Dr Atkins’ new... [More...]

Preparing For A Low Carb Diet Lifestyle

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If you are going to be successful with the Atkins diet (or other similar low carb diet), proper planning is of the utmost importance. Provisions of the proper foods you need to take before you embark on your weight loss program is a good way to ensure success, and you can find examples of Atkins diet meals in the Atkins books. There are also numerous... [More...]

Breaking the Cycle of Carb Addiction

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One of the most difficult resolutions to make, and more so to keep in your life, is to determine to adopt a low carbohydrate way of living. Without mincing words, suppressing your hunger and desire for carbohydrate is not by any means just an overnight task. It is much more than that! It is clearly stated in Dr Atkins book, that carbohydrates prompt... [More...]

Weight Loss Motivation – How Do You Stay Motivated On A Low Carbs Diet?

Weight loss motivation is key to success. This post has one sole purpose – to gather inspirational thoughts and feedback from others who are eating low carbs. Low carbs diets are kind of funny, becase on one hand, you open yourself up to a brand new world of eating different foods that you otherwise probably wouldn’t eat. It really is fun.... [More...]

Low carb diet

Lately there has been a lot of attention on low carbs and low carb diet, particularly the Atkins Diet but low carbs are a not a new phenomenon and have actually been around since the 1970’s. Low carb diets are based on the principles that consuming carbs and simple sugar leads to gains in weight. Low carb diets go against the principles of traditional... [More...]

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