Cheap Low Carb Snacks And Foods

Lets face it, for quite a few Americans and even people abroad, times are tough right now. Stretching your grocery money is a top priority for most families these days, and unfortunately, it’s a lot cheaper to eat junk food than regular, highly nutritious whole foods. You gotta wonder why you see so many poverty level folks who are overweight. It’s because it’s easier to get a couple of double cheeseburgers and a shake from McDonald’s than it is to eat a nice piece of grilled chicken with fried zucchini on the side.

Because of the situation we’re in, I’m going to concentrate a lot of my posts on cheap low carb snacks and foods. Sure, in general, going on a low carb diet will hit you in the wallet, but, there are ways to eat on the cheap when low carbing, and let me start of with a quick snack that won’t drain your bank account

Meat & Cheese Roll-Up

This is one of my favorite go-to low carb snack foods out there. It’s really, really easy and only takes about a minute to fully prepare. Heck you can even make a meal out of this depending on your hunger level.

First, go to the store and get a big package of deli ham, beef, salami, or any other carb free or low carb meat. Don’t get it too thinly sliced, and on the other hand, don’t get thick sliced either. Somewhere in between is perfect.

Second, find a good deal on a big brick of your favorite cheese. Usually at any grocery store, you’ll find quite a few cheeses on sale at any given time.

Okay, when you get home and are ready to eat, just get out 4 slices of the meat. You’re going to put 2 slices together (or whatever you prefer), so you’ll have 2 stacks of meat in front of you. Set it aside.

Get out the cheese, and slice off two generous slices of it, about a quarter to half inch thick. Put this in the microwave until it just starts melting, and then take it out. Quickly scoop up the melting cheese with a spoon and smear it on the meat stacks. (Picture it like a tortilla shell with melted cheese in it). Put a dab of mustard or mayo in it, and salt and pepper to taste, roll it up, and VIOLA! You have a very filling and tasty meat and cheese roll-up!

I’m a pretty big guy, and two of these is more than enough to curb my hunger for hours, although on occasion, I’ll make 3 or 4 of these and eat them for dinner. It’s very yummy and you can get quite a few of these out of a pound of meat and a brick of cheese. So have at it! Let me know if you make them and if you liked it in the comment section below!