Low Carb Recipe – Shrimp Curry Salad

Serves:2 | Carbs PerServing:3.5g | Effort:Easy



1/3 head lettuce
4 radishes – chopped
3 green onion – finely chopped (green peppers are also good on this salad)


2 tablespoons butter
½ pound cooked shrimp – small
1 clove garlic pepper
3 tablespoons mayonnaise
1 teaspoon curry powder

How to Prepare:

Put about 2 Tbl Butter and ½ Lb. Small cooked shrimp in medium glass bowl with lid. Microwave 1 minute till butter is melted and shrimp is medium hot. Stir in 1 clove garlic and a small amount of pepper. In separate small bowl combine 3 large Tbls of Mayonnaise (I used Best Foods) and 1 tsp Curry powder. Pour juice from shrimp in with mayonnaise and combine. Put shrimp on salad. Pour dressing on salad.