Low Carb Diet And Exercise – The Ideal Diet and Workout Combination that Works

A low carb diet and exercise is a complex combination with two extreme sides of the scale. On one side, you end up with a healthy, fully nourished and well exercised body. These are also said to be particularly helpful for those who wish to lose weight. On the other side, you end up with a strained body with a low supply of energy. Many critics have claimed that this combination is just about the worst diet and exercise combination around, and this could very well be true if you don’t do it right.


How does these two work together to benefit the body? What happens is that the low carb diet makes the body burn its stored fat into energy, getting rid of existing fat in your body. The removal of excess fat makes sure your body stays trimmed and fit, keeping you safe from health risks associated with excessive weight. It keeps your weight properly controlled and your bodily functions well regulated. This diet also makes sure your body gets just enough carbohydrates; since carbohydrate-rich foods are also rich in glucose, if there is no leftover carbohydrate in the body, the body’s glucose levels are controlled and stable.

Exercise, on the other hand, boosts the body’s metabolism, so the fat is burned off faster. A low carb diet is really beneficial, but it also entails a very gradual process. If you want to speed it up, low carb diet and exercise combined is the trick. Aside from that, exercise also helps build more muscle mass in the body, which is usually compromised as a result of the restricted diet.


Before you begin a low carb diet, you have to gauge whether it’s going to be beneficial for you or not. The low carb diet is not for everyone. People who do not have much stored fat in the body, which can be determined by one’s BMI or weight, needs more carbohydrates to sustain the body’s energy level.

If the low carb diet is safe enough for you, you also have to think twice before pairing it up with exercise. This diet can lower your body’s stored energy supply, which means you need to find the right balance between diet and exercise. If not, your body will experience a crash. To avoid depriving your body, a low carb diet and exercise should be supported by proper hydration and adequate rest.

To avoid straining your body, be sure to acquaint yourself with the requirements of the right low carb diet and exercise combination.


To truly harness the benefits of the low carb diet and exercise combination, you need to know two things:

a. Simple carbs vs. complex carbs – It is important to understand the difference between simple carbs and complex carbs. A lot of people complain that a low carb diet strips them of energy, which makes it virtually impossible for them to do exercises, let alone strenuous fat-burning ones. The truth is, to keep the body functioning well, the body really does need carbohydrates. But there is a specific type of carbohydrate that is most useful for the body, and these are the complex carbs. These are healthy carbs that provide energy to the body on a sustained pattern. Simple carbs, on the other hand, are those found in candies, cookies, cakes, and sodas; these are the carb-rich foods that cause the well-known “sugar rush,” which, in medical terms, can be referred to as the “spikes” in blood sugar levels usually followed by a crash.

b. The right workout – The best workout to do when on a low carb diet is those that help boost the metabolism and build more muscles. Weightlifting is a great idea, and if you are trying to lose weight, you can also use interval workouts. It is preferable to do the workouts in the morning after you eat a quick breakfast, and each session will last for about 20 to 30 minutes of intense exercises. Longer than that and your body will suffer from the brunt. Also, don’t do workouts sporadically. Make sure you have a set schedule, and do not go on two intense workouts within 8 hours of each other.


If you do a low carb diet and exercise combination right, then it will make a huge difference in the general state and wellness of your body. Working together, they can bring important long-term benefits to the body.